Specialize in:

  • Gold Plating
  • Zinc Plating
  • Powder Coating
  • EN Plating
  • Nickel Chrome
  • Tin Plating
  • Hidrogen Embritterment

Product Specialities

We  have Process Line, Technolgy and Knowledge to produce all type Of Gold plating and Electroless Nickel from any material for engineering and decorative apllication.

  • SUS /Steel (all type) + EN + HARD GOLD
  • SUS /Steel (all type) + Nickle Sulphamate + Hard Gold
  • Copper Alloy  + EN + Hard Gold
  • Copper Alloy  + Nickle Sulphamate + Hard Gold
  • Other Material + EN/NiP + Hard Gold

We also have technology and knowledge to develop new process like Electroless Nickle + Immersion Gold  (ENIG) and alloy plating process (etc: Palladium-Nickle)

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